1. How does Anekonnect work?

We have an extensive library of connector models, which serve as our building blocks. Add to that a simple and easy to follow cable design wizard and it becomes a powerful design tool

2. Can I share my files with others?

Yes! Share the design with your colleagues, manager, vendor and / or contractor. For your convenience, we have built a share functionality right on our site via which you can share the files directly from your Anekonnect account

3. What if I don’t know all the details about my harness design OR cannot enter all the information in the wizard in one session?

A harness design can be saved as soon as you assign a name to it. You can save the partially designed cable harness and retrieve later to finish your design. Partially completed designs will be saved under “My Assemblies” tab after your login. You can save a partially designed harness and share it with vendor/manager/equipment providers to get their help or collaborate in completing your design

4. I know one side of my cable harness but need help with selection of the other side?

We understand the complexities around designing a cable harness. We have designed the site so you can collaboratively build the cable harness design with your colleagues, vendors, instrument providers. Simply enter whatever information you know about the design and share it with others with a message. Collaborators will be able to add, edit and / or delete information from your design. The owner (initiator of the design) will be able informed about the changes via notification.

5. Does Anekonnect check the compatibility between connectors for which a cable harness design is requested?

No, currently we do not have those capabilities on our site and in our workforce. Users will have to check for compatibility of the two connectors being requested for cable harness. We do hope to add those capabilities in future

6. I need a specific cable in my harness design, but it not available in your database. What shall I do?

You can add your own cables to database for your personal use by browsing the cable component under the catalog. The cable added will be visible to your own library of Or send us an email . We will promptly add the cable to the database. When we add a cable to the database, it will be for public use. Make sure to send us the link to the data sheet of the cable. This feature is applicable to any component used in cable design.

7. Is all my cable harness design visible to public?

No, your design is not visible to anyone else other than the collaborators you have added